The Truth: #1 Seller and It's Very Garlicky 12/ 4 oz Case

The Truth: #1 Seller and It's Very Garlicky 12/ 4 oz Case

Life by Dallas Inc

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Since day one Garlic Overdose has sold 6 to 1!! If you love garlic - meet your new addiction! You can order one bag - but you'll be mad you didn't get the 6 or 12 pack case.

We all love popcorn and we typically like it cheesy and buttery! Well, we all know that's not the best thing for our health either! So what if you could get that great cheesy buttery taste in your popcorn and not only would it taste really good but it would also be BETTER for you? Well the sooner you buy this the sooner you'll get to experience just that; "A better for you" healthy popcorn snack whose taste suggest it's anything but good for you!

Garlic Overdose is our #1 seller and it's very garlicky as the name implies. The garlic oil and garlic powder are magical when added to the nutritional yeast for a strong cheesy taste and sunflower oil to give it a deep buttery taste, with a hint of sea salt - I guarantee you'll become addictive to this strong garlic but delightful and unique taste!