Original Crowd Favorite

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6 - Pack (6x4 oz Bag)

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12 - Pack (12x4 oz Bag)

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24 - Pack (24x4 oz Bag)

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Premium air-popped NON-GMO corn sprayed with sunflower oil followed by a spray of seasonings and a tad bit of sea salt as a natural preservative to produce this unique knock-your-socks-off flavor; “Original Crowd Favorite” formerly “ATS ‑ All That Spice”, is our a crowd favorite not just among health enthusiasts, combines a perfect blend of herbs, spices, “NOOCH” (nutritional yeast), sunflower oil, and a hint of sea salt. This unique combination stimulates a buttery salty flavor without the bad stuff. So much better tasting than movie theater popcorn!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Caroles TAYLOR

Love the popcorn. In the words of the person who introduced me, “I am an addict.” My daily snack. True Pop is a line item in my budget.

Andi Bernat
Received my order today and it was amazing

I used to buy Dallas Popcorn years ago and loved All that Spice - which is now Crowd Favorite. Hands down this is the best popcorn in the world!!

Stanley Moore
Can something this healthy taste this good?

This popcorn is amazing! Once you open a bag it is nearly impossible to stop eating before it's finished. Don't know how they included nutritional yeast and ended up with such a delicious taste! You gotta get True Pop Original Crowd Favorite, you will be glad you did!

Valencia Clinton

Great tasting popcorn...Thank YOU!!!!

LeKeitta Epps
My favorite popcorn

True Pop is so much better than any other popcorn out there. Flavorful but lite. I’ve been a fan since my college days. I do not have a favorite flavor, they all taste amazing. I have my mom hooked on the Garlic Overdose.