NEW!! Variety Pack

3 - Pack (3 x 4 oz Bag)

$5.33 per Bag 


12 - Pack (12 x 4 oz Bag)

$4.10 per Bag  


Truly stuck between which 6 pack or 12 pack case flavor to order? We've got the solution. The new case variety pack includes 4 - 4oz bags for each of our three flavors!

4 - Garlic Overdose. 4 - Crowd Favorite and 4 - Just Plain Good AND a special bonus for the first 30 days (until October 30th) 2 free snack bags of Crowd Favorite!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Joniece Elessie

Thank you for your professionalism. I ordered the 12 pack of True Popcorn on the 30th of August. I live in France and was a bit apprehensive about ordering, not knowing if I would receive my order or not. On the 10th of September my order arrived and I was thrilled. I got it around 10 am and I planned to indulge that evening in front of the TV. WELLL....... needless to say, I opened a bag just to see the taste. Went through the whole bag in the morning. Couldn't wait for night time, which inturn became a 2nd bag being opened. i have 8 bags left. Took the rest and put them in the Attic. Trying to have some self control. LOL.Hopefully i can pace myself and just open on Netflix Friday, LOL. Also hiding them from my son and grandkids. Aint trying to share!!!!! NOPE!!!! . This popcorn is absolutely delicious and the bag comes almost full and not just filled with air. Bravo Doctor Dallas!!!! I will be ordering again, probably soooner than I think. LOL Joniece Jamison Elessie

Harold Green

When people write that True Pop popcorn is the best tasting/healthiest popcorn they have ever had, it is not an exaggeration! I am currently working on my second two case order (Yes! I have been overdosing since I was first introduced to True Pop two years ago!) and refuse not to have it readily available. Additionally, the intrinsic value of eating delicious "healthy" popcorn, makes the True Pop experience all the more satisfying.

Susan Stimart
Case Variety pack

It was wonderful! Just what I expected. I love the 3 flavors, so it was great to have variety.
I also appreciate the bonus travel packs in the crowd favorite flavor. Thank you, Dallas, for creating an outstanding snack food

Lila Martin
Popcorn review

I love Just Plain Good and Original Crowd Favorite. I don’t like Garlic Overdose.

Charles Marshall
Case Variety Pack Was Awesome

Wow! This popcorn is very flavorful and satisfying. The taste was out of this world. Loved the variety of flavors in the set. You owe it to yourself to give it a try. You have converted me!!!!!! I will definitely order this again.