FAQs - Nothing but the truth

What makes True Pop Popcorn? It's the Truth?

We believe in being completely truthful – no hidden facts, no deceptive marketing, in fact our company Life by Dallas, Inc was created as a holistic approach to health and wellness. TRUE POP™ Popcorn is NON-GMO Air popped corn has higher dietary fiber, lightly sprayed with sunflower oil, giving it a buttery flavor minus the cholesterol, fat calories, simply to get the great tasting season blend of herbs and nutritional yeast for it’s namesake – nutrient dense with a strong cheesy flavor (again without the other stuff) and just a tad bit of sea salt, instead of regular table salt, with it’s natural minerals in tact to easily digest as a natural preservative! It’s the truth!

Truly natural?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn has no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives. In keeping with our holistic approach to health and wellness our MO is to always provide the highest quality ingredients for your snacking pleasure free of all unnatural things, including GMOs, MSG, dairy, peanuts, soy, tree nuts and gluten.

Truly no genetically modified ingredients?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn is non GMO. We are constantly asked from consumers where are we getting corn from that is free from genetically-modified organisms in the United States. We get our certified NON GMO corn from Lancaster county, PA. TRUE POP™ Popcorn have been verified as free from genetically-modified organisms by the Non-GMO Project.

Truly gluten free?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn is naturally gluten free. Isn’t all popcorn gluten free – many ask? Popcorn itself is but the minute you add season blends or ANYTHING else to it you begin to possibly alter that notion. TRUE POP™ Popcorn is certified as Gluten Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization.

Truly no peanuts, tree nuts or soy?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn is allergen free! No peanuts, tree nuts or soy added (& manufacturing facility free).

Truly no dairy - butter or eggs?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn is dairy free! However the nutritional yeast gives it a strong cheesy flavor and the sunflower oil gives it a buttery taste! It’s like having your cake ad ice cream too!

Truly Kosher?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn season blend is the same blend we used when we were certified organic many years ago!

Truly Refrigerate?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn will maintain freshness longer after opening if stored in the refrigerator.

Truly -  temporarily streamlined - only 3 of original 5 flavors available!

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn is temporarily streamlining since the switch to new packaging! Italy in a Bag and Ecstasy will be back soon... but we have done is provided the snack size bags in the Original Crowd Flavor for you.

Truly available for fundraisers?

It’s the truth! TRUE POP™ Popcorn is available for your fundraising activities. Please forward inquiry to dallas@lifebydallas.com.