Just Plain Good

4.0 oz Bag


6 - Pack (6x4 oz Bag)

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12 - Pack (12x4 oz Bag)

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24 - Pack (24x4 oz Bag)

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36 - Pack (36x4 oz Bag)

$3.53 per Bag  SAVE $34.92


Premium air-popped NON-GMO corn sprayed with sunflower oil followed by a very light spray of sea salt to produce this unique knock-your-socks-off flavor; “Just Plain Good”, now friends we have had customers addicted to one of our 4 flavors for years, yet when we I created this to satisfy our customers who were on the boring side – WOW this quickly became yet another crowd favorite. The truth is – we do plain right – it’s nothing but the truth! And only 35 calories per cup!  Ingredients: Non-GMO Popcorn, Sunflower Oil, and Sea Salt.  Nutrition Facts: 1 oz Serving / 3.5 C 4 Servings per Bag  120 Calories .5 g Sat Fat 140 mg Sodium 15g Carbs 3g Dietary Fiber.