Garlic Overdose

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Premium air-popped NON-GMO corn sprayed with sunflower oil followed by a spray of seasonings to produce this unique knock-your-socks-off flavor; “Garlic Overdose” which is the number one seller, as the natural health food industry has been the target market. It’s VERY GARLICKY with a combination of garlic oil and garlic powder, other herbs, and “NOOCH” (nutritional yeast) and a hint of sea salt.  Ingredients: Non-GMO Popcorn, Sunflower oil, Nutritional Yeast, Dehydrated - Onion, Toasted Onion, Garlic, Red Peppers, Green Bell Peppers, Tomato, and Spinach, Mustard, Horseradish Powder, Paprika and Sea Salt.  Nutrition Facts: 1 oz Serving / 2.5 C 4 Servings per Bag  140 Calories 1g Sat Fat 260 mg Sodium 15g Carbs 3g Dietary Fiber 65 mg Potassium .7 mg Iron

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Harold Green
Under the Spell of Garlic Overdose

Ever since eating Garlic Overdose for the first time nearly 3 years ago, I've been completely spellbound by its taste. My number one choice for popcorn.

Adrian Contee
Happy Customer

Always have loved Dallas Popcorn over the years

Cynthia Tilghman-Lee
I Love This Popcorn

I've been eating this popcorn for years! Both the taste and quality are superb. Try not to eat the whole bag in one sitting, lol!

Gwendolyn Mcdavid
Garlic Overdose

I just love Garlic Overdose popcorn, can't get enough.

Dawn C.

I used to buy this all the time when I lived in D.C. but have missed it terribly since moving to the west coast. SO glad I can order full cases online and keep this delicious snack in my life.